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Bournemouths Lost Treasures - Gone But Not Forgotten!

Whenever I find a photograph or postcard featuring Bournemouth memories from the past, I always get a little buzz. So rather than a section on the development and general history of the area I am focusing on projects that come to my attention. My discoveries will appear on this page and if they grow into something bigger they then get their own page in the main menu.

I'm always looking for new things to add so suggestions are most welcome! (particularly if you have images I can use)

The Pier Approach Swimming Baths

The Pier Approach Swimming baths, pictured here in 1951 stood in the location of Bournemouths not so popular Imax building. It was much loved by us locals as a public swimming pool but with it's exceptionally high diving boards and platforms made it also somewhere where you could go as a spectator. Of course in the summer season there was the spectacular "Aquashow" where you would be entertained by professional divers, synchronised swimming and diveboard clown antics by the Aquagoons, supported by international diving stars and an orchestra. As a child myself in the sxties this was one of the most exciting outings you could possibly imagine and my friends & I would go to see this several times a year, often as birthday treats.

Boscombe Hospital

The Royal Victoria and West Hants Hospital, known as Boscombe Hospital, was demolished in 1993 to be replaced by housing. There was a hospital in one form or another on this site from the 1870s. The picture here is taken from Ashley Road on the Corner of Shelley Road.

I can certainly remember visiting this place many times during my youth and several of my friends were born here.

Boscombe Railway Station

Boscombe Railway Station was opened in 1897 at which time the previous station with the name was renamed Pokesdown. The station served the Royal Victoria Hospital and the centre of Boscombe around the Royal Arcade. It was also the closest station to Dean Court, the home of the football club known during the station's life as Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic FC. The station had a goods yard which received traffic from a large area of Bournemouth, and a large coal depot with sidings. It also had substantial brick buildings which were demolished a few years after closure. Closure took place, just before the electrification of the line through it, on 4 October 1965.

Pokesdown Fire Station

Pokesdown Fire Station was situated at the corner on Christchurch Road at the junction with Seabourne Road.

My Father (Norman Foot) was stationed here and at Bournemouth Central Fire Station for a while during the 1960's.

I would really love to hear from anyone who has any more details or images of this piece of Bournemouth history.


A generation brought up in the 1970s remember the Tucktonia theme park with great affection.

Tucktonia was billed as 'Britain in miniature' and as the country's biggest tourist attraction 'after The Tower of London'.

Tucktonia featured scale models including Stonehenge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and even an airport, all over a four acre site.

But 10 years after it opened in 1976, the park suddenly closed amidst rumours that the owners wanted to build a roller coaster at the rear of the site, but were refused permission by the local council.

The 7.25-inch narrow gauge ride-on steam train and some additional fixtures and fittings, were moved to the Moors Valley Railway in the Moors Valley Country Park near Ringwood, Hampshire.

If anyone has any pictures I could use this subject would make a great photo gallery.

Hare and Hounds, Windham Road, Boscombe.

The Hare and Hounds pub was in Windham Road, Boscombe. Many memories of this pub in my youth as quite a few of my friends lived close to here and the upstairs function room was regularly used for parties.

The Saxon King

Many thanks to Jon Pease who has sent these photographs of the Saxon King, an extremely popular and fondly remembered pub which stood on the Broadway, Southbourne.


As with all sections of my website, any contributions of information and particularly photographs are always gladly accepted. I've listed a few below that spring to mind but I'm sure there are lot's more that I could add.

- Bournemouth Fire Brigade in the 1970's ( I have had several enquiries on this and as my father was a fireman at this time this is of special interest)

- Foots Transport Ltd (Southampton) - this was my grandfathers business and we seem to have lost most of our old photos relating to Foots Transprt in the 1970's

- Bus Station at Bournemouth Square (destroyed by fire in July 1976)

- The Hampshire Centre, Now Castlepoint Shopping Centre, with perhaps Woolco in particular

- The Holy Trinity Church which was on Old Christchurch Road
(I worked here in it's final period when it was used as a medieval banquet hall in the late 1970's - The church was destroyed in a fire just a few day after all the staff were "laid off")

- Nightclubs & Bars from the 1970's and 80's ( Maison Royale, Cardinal, Tiffanys, Cromwells, Madisons, Chelsea Village, Bumbles just to name a few!)

Any stories and / or photos that have anything to do with any of these greatly appreciated!

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