Andy Foot

Andy Foot
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Excuse the mess!, after a recent clearout I'm starting off a new website but I haven't completely decided what is going to appear here yet.

Any other ongoing projects I'll list below until I figure out what I want to do.

A new project that I have just started working on (August 2022) to build an online version of our family tree. My various trees on other websites have all become very large and each is spreading in different directions, so (albeit rather slowly) I am adding individuals one by one manually in the hope of creating a larger, hopefully more detailed account of my family history. At the moment I am concentrating mainly on adding birth, marriage, death information and will start adding photographs and stories once I have a couple of hundred people on the tree.

Another new project that I have just started working on (August 2022) pretty self explanatory, a space to store my photographs online. Prompted by a recent hard drive failure when I lost some of my images due to not backing them up regularly enough. I'm hoping that this site will create both public & private galleries so we can keep family stuff to ourselves and invited guests.

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